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Treat your taste buds to the delicious meals at The Edgecliff Restaurant & Lounge. We have more than 24 years of experience and recently took over the restaurant. We pride ourselves on exceptional service and a dedication to serving the most delectable food.

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You will love the outstanding view on Whidbey Island, and we are located right on the bluff. Visit our Langley, Washington, restaurant, bar, and lounge for fresh seafood and daily lunch specials. We are conveniently located across from the Widbey Island Center for the Arts (WICA).

Tips For Improving Your Restaurant’s Exterior

The curb appeal of your restaurant is another thing that you should consider apart from the interior, menu, and staff. A guest’s dining experience starts as soon as they walk through your door. Your restaurant’s appearance will be judged the same way that people judge books by their covers.

Your restaurant’s curb appeal can have a huge influence on its overall success. In fact, 70% of first-time sales were based on curb appeal. Additionally, customers are willing to pay more for their meals if they like the atmosphere of the restaurant.

If you haven’t improved on this aspect yet, here are some tips on where to start:

Make your sign visible – If you want customers to spot your restaurant, you need to make your sign or logo visible. The ideal sign is something that’s big enough to be read across the street. If it can be seen from a distance, then customers are sure to make their way there when looking for a place to eat. For it to be easily read, your sign must stand out from its background. You can also use an LED sign for maximum visibility at night.

Choose colors wisely – Colors play a huge part in our emotions and there’s a lot of psychology behind it. When choosing a color for your sign and exterior, consider the feeling you are trying to convey. The best type of color for casual eateries are red and yellow, which you can see from famous restaurant giants today. When you are planning to color your establishment with something black, blue, or purple then think again. These color designs are unappetizing, and that is something you don’t want to convey for your restaurant. However, it doesn’t mean that restaurants with those choice of colors are always off-putting and uninviting. Once you have decided the color for your sign or logo, then make the rest of the colors in your exterior design fit into that color scheme. In short, don’t mix bright colors with muted ones because that can be confusing for the eye.

Keep your exterior clean – A dirty dining room is never tolerable. The same goes for your exterior as well. Your restaurant’s exterior is an indicator of how well you deal with the establishment’s overall cleanliness. There should be no litter outside of the restaurant and that the façade should be as clean as possible. You can use pressure cleaning for this job because it is effective in removing dirt, grease, grime, and mold. If you want, get help from Curlys Carpet Repair Vancouver to add in some cool carpets on your restaurant's entrance.

Do a curb audit – If you are not sure what else to improve for your restaurant’s curb appeal, you can try doing a curb audit. Take the time to sit outside close to your restaurant and see how people react to the place when they pass by it. Do they like it? If not, then have it improved by an expert on this field like Your ultimate goal is to get customers coming through your doors, so it is beneficial that you see your restaurant through their eyes.

Delicious food and great service are not enough to build the success of your restaurant. Your curb appeal is just as important because it can help attract new customers. After all, before people can evaluate your food or service, they must notice your restaurant first and decide to go in. It is up to you to make your exterior as attractive as possible.

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Hours of Operation


Lunch, 12:00 p.m.–4:30 p.m.
Dinner, 4:30 p.m.–9:00 p.m.

Lounge Hours, 12:00 p.m.–1:00 a.m.

The Best Happy Hour in Langley!

Happy Hour Everyday 3:00pm-6:00pm

Live Music Every Friday night 9:00pm-2:00am

Awards: Seattle Culinary School Award